St Donnan of Eigg


A recent visit to Eigg by a librarian with an interest in Scottish saints sparked an investigation into the role played by St Donnan in bringing Christianity to Scotland. Continue reading

St Patrick’s witness for today

ANTHONY ALLISON An Irish academic living in Scotland offers a reflection for St Patrick’s Day and finds inspiration in the saint’s willingness to step outside the comfort of his own community.
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New pontiff, old problems

MICHAEL J WALSH A historian and author takes a long view of church teaching and challenges the view that tradition is unchanging. He suggests how Pope Francis might foster a different understanding.
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Feb/Mar 2020

In June 2019 Open House held a conference exploring possible new directions for the Catholic Church in Scotland. See conference papers.

Open House also held a conference on the role of lay people in the governance of the Catholic Church in November 2013. See conference papers.