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Letter from America: The cult of the gun


April 4th was the 50th anniversary of the assassination, by shotgun, of Martin Luther King Jr in Memphis, Tennessee, and June 6th will be the 50th anniversary of Robert F (Bobby) Kennedy’s assassination, by hand gun, in Los Angeles, California. Continue reading

Faith in prison


Faith in prison

This is an edited version of a talk given by a retired member of the Scottish Prison Service to a conference on Spiritualities and Prisons.

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Faith in the public square

LYNN JOLLY. Open House’s literary editor interviews Duncan MacLaren, who has spent most of his working life contributing to international development.  What inspires him and how does he view current approaches to international development and politics?

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In June 2019 Open House held a conference exploring possible new directions for the Catholic Church in Scotland. See conference papers.

Open House also held a conference on the role of lay people in the governance of the Catholic Church in November 2013. See conference papers.