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A birthday tribute to Ian Fraser

TIM DUFFY. Church of Scotland minister, writer and theologian Dr Ian Fraser, who served on the board of Open House for many years, will be 100 years old this month.  An old friend pays tribute to the man he calls Scotland’s liberation theologian. Continue reading

The peace ministry of Alec Reid


The peace ministry of Alec Reid

Throughout my interest in Irish politics, and during my time in the Northern Ireland Office, the name of Fr. Alec Reid featured regularly.  I never had the privilege of meeting him but I heard many a reference from Nationalist and Unionists about the role he played in helping to broker a successful outcome to the peace process. Continue reading

Faith in prison


Faith in prison

This is an edited version of a talk given by a retired member of the Scottish Prison Service to a conference on Spiritualities and Prisons.

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Feb/Mar 2020

In June 2019 Open House held a conference exploring possible new directions for the Catholic Church in Scotland. See conference papers.

Open House also held a conference on the role of lay people in the governance of the Catholic Church in November 2013. See conference papers.