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Paving the way

FRANK O’HAGAN. A Glasgow academic explores how the work of religious orders paved the way for the success of the 1918 Education Act in Scotland. By the 1830s the city of Glasgow could not cope with either the educational or the social needs of the people.  Glasgow had grown out of all recognition: the population in 1835 was nearly twelve times what it had been in 1775.  It suffered from all the evils associated with the industrial revolution - overcrowding, bad housing, [more]

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: the man behind the myth

RANALD MACINNES. In June 2018, images of fire consuming Glasgow’s famous School of Art for the second time in four years dominated the news.  The author of A History of Scottish Architecture reflects on the man who designed the iconic building. The recent shocking fire at Glasgow School of Art again underscored the psychological as well as the physical space the building occupies in Glasgow.  Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s name and reputation were again much discussed and in last September’s Open House there [more]

1918: A panacea for Catholic education in Scotland?

Mary Cullen. The editor of Open House reports on a lecture given by Professor Sir Tom Devine exactly 100 years to the day after the Education (Scotland) Act of 1918 received royal assent.  Was it, he asked, a panacea for Catholic education in Scotland? The 21st November 1918 was, said Professor Devine, an auspicious day.  The legislation which received royal assent on that date was not only unparalleled in Scotland, but around the world.  A state grounded in Protestant identity conferred important [more]


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Open House held a conference on the role of lay people in the governance of the Catholic Church in November 2013. See conference papers.