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A sacred trust

ISABEL SMYTH A Notre Dame Sister who has been active for many years in interfaith dialogue reports on initiatives which highlight complexities within Islam and the positive steps that are being taken to promote better understanding. The world continues to be appalled at the atrocities carried out in the name of religion.  At present the violence is associated with Islamic extremism, though all religions have been involved in war and engaged in violence at some time in their histories as we were [more]

Being Jewish in Scotland

STEPHEN J. MCKINNEY  A Glasgow academic looks at recent data on being Jewish in Scotland and finds a disturbing intensification of antisemitism. In June 2016, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities published the results of a government-funded small-scale inquiry entitled, What’s changed about being Jewish in Scotland?  This was a follow-up to a previous small-scale inquiry, Being Jewish in Scotland, published in June 2012 (also government-funded).  What’s changed about being Jewish in Scotland? describes a disturbing intensification of antisemitism in Scotland and [more]

Why retreat?

LYNN JOLLY Open House’s arts editor reflects on the retreat experience, its history, those who seek it out and those who offer it today. A friend of and contributor to this magazine, from much experience, coins the phrase, 'Re-treat'.  As in, 'Be good to yourself: again.'  There is perhaps more to that than simple verbal neatness.  A few days of silence and prayer doesn't have the appeal for most people of a weekend at a spa, but for some it is an [more]

Open House August 2016

Open House held a conference on the role of lay people in the governance of the Catholic Church in November 2013. See conference papers.