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From the Firth of Forth to the Indian Ocean

HONOR HANIA and ALISON CLARK As summer holiday cruises become increasingly popular, two Open House contributors highlight the changing role of the church’s ministry to seafarers.  Honor looks at its history, and Alison at one chaplain’s journey from the Firth of Forth to the Indian Ocean. People may hold up their hands in disgust at the drunken sailor, but to the question, ‘what shall we do with the drunken sailor?’  I would suggest one thing – give him better conditions.’ So wrote Peter [more]

Rays of truth in Christian-Muslim discourse

ANTHONY ALLISON. A tutor in Islamic Studies reflects on the parallels and distinctions which characterise contemporary Christian-Muslim dialogue. It’s the year 610 C.E. and a forty-year-old Arab man is on an isolated retreat in a mountain cave on the outskirts of Mecca in the south-east Arabian Peninsula.  He would often retreat for days at a time to meditate.  This retreat, however, would be different.  According to tradition, an angel appeared and pressed hard against him asking him three times to ‘read’.  To [more]

On the trail of the Northern saints

JANE COLL. When three members of a book club in Thurso decided to make the saints of their diocese better known, they discovered ancient sites scattered across the North East.  So they created the Northern Saints Trail, which they hope will encourage visitors to discover the area’s Celtic past. In 2016, the diocese of Aberdeen published a book ‘Together in Christ’ on the saints of the diocese, compiled by Deacon John Woodside.  A small book club in St Anne’s, Thurso, chose the [more]

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Open House held a conference on the role of lay people in the governance of the Catholic Church in November 2013. See conference papers.