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The church and the media

IAN DUNN. A Catholic journalist reflects on the challenges of living and working between two worlds.   ‘Catholic Journalist’ isn’t an oxymoron, but it feels like a relative: an oxy-idiot, an oxy-imbecile.  As editor of the Scottish Catholic Observer, every day feels like an attempt to keep the ‘Catholic’ and ‘journalist’ parts of the job in balance. Today’s journalism is relentless: a never ending whirl of always-pressing stories and scoops, a hustle-bustle of information, a fizzing, bristling, secular kaleidoscope that never stops. Then there is [more]

Voices less heard

JIM LAWLOR.  A parish priest reflects on the emergence of a new anti clericalism within the church in Scotland, and ask what kind of priests we want.   In the last edition of Open House, Mary Cullen presented Joe Hollands’s analysis of how the form of the institutional church is moulded by a tensive relationship with the current of history.  An indubitable dimension of that, which we have all encountered, is the imbalance of a hierarchical and clerically dominant church.  Since Holland’s work [more]

A Chink of Light? 

TOM DEVINE. Scotland’s best known historian reflects on the possibility that Brexit may not happen. It came out during a long radio interview with Sally Magnusson in October last year.  I was asked among other things about Brexit and its implications for the country.  Probably more in hope than in any expectation, I blurted out that Brexit would probably not happen.  The prediction easily slipped off the tongue because I believe the Leave vote of June 2016 to be an act of [more]

July/August 2017

Open House held a conference on the role of lay people in the governance of the Catholic Church in November 2013. See conference papers.